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I Need Help: Looking for a Good Homework Assignment Writer

A good academic writer should be able to do a better job on your assignment than you ever could hope to deliver. Here are few tips on finding a writer who is worth your money.

  • Determine exactly what you are looking for.
  • You may need a writer with outstanding style to impress your literature professor, the one who is proficient with statistical functions in MS Excel, or the one who can deliver a decent ten-page report overnight. Write all your requirements into a single file so that you do not forget any of them. You can later send this file to a writing service manager or to your writer directly.

  • Look for services that allow you to choose your writer.
  • Use a search engine to discover lots of writing websites. Explore each website for the conditions on which you are allowed to choose your writer. The best companies are those where you need to register in order to view the writers’ profiles, ratings, testimonials by actual customers, and samples of their work. Next, you can contact the writer of your choice directly. However, such websites are very few, and it may take a long time to find one. A more common case is when you can ask the manager to pick you the most suitable writer according to your preferences. You may also be able to request the samples of a writer’s previous work, a chat or a Skype session with him or her, but the writer’s real name or email might not be disclosed to you.

  • Read samples attentively.
  • Samples of the writer’s previous work are the best possible indicator of their qualification and skill. The text should flow smoothly and be easily understandable. It goes without saying that samples should be free of grammar and spelling errors.

  • Find out the writer’s reassignment, revision, and late delivery rates.
  • A good writing service keeps track of these indicators for each of their writers. If you are not allowed to view writers’ rates directly, ask a manager about them. You would like to get a writer whose reassignments, revisions, and late deliveries are close to zero.

  • Prepare questions.
  • If you are allowed a Skype session or messaging with the writer, use this opportunity to ask him or her a few questions from your course material. This way you will see whether this person is qualified enough to do your assignment. Checking the knowledge of your writer is especially important if you are going to order a large and important homework project.


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