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What Was The Causes Of The Civil War

There are many causes of the Civil War read it was a war which lasted for four years, and led to over 600,000 casualties. Causes of this work can be traced back to the formation of the United States. Some of the top causes include the social and economic differences between the northern states in the southern states, federal rights versus states, and the fight between slave states and non-slave states.

In 1793, Eli Whitney had invented the Cottoning. This invention caused cotton to become a very profitable item. The machine reduced the amount of time required to separate cotton from its seeds. But at the same time, there was an increase in the number of plantations that were willing to move their crops to cotton, which meant there was a greater need for cheap labor in the form of slavery. The southern economy became a single crop economy which was highly dependent upon cotton and slavery. But at the same time the northern economy began to focus on industry rather than agriculture. In fact, Northern industries were purchasing the raw cotton from Southern industries and converting it into finished goods. But this caused a disparity between the two geographic regions, established a large difference in their economic attitude. In the north, city life was the focus. In the south, the plantation system was the focus. The change in the northern area caused society to evolve into different cultures and different classes which had to work together. But in the south, the antiquated social order remained.

Since the beginning of the revolution, there were two general camps. One camp argued for more states’ rights and the other camp argued for more federal rights. With the first government, there were the articles of Confederation. Those who supported states’ rights were not present at the secret meeting of the Constitutional convention. Many people believed that this new Constitution ignored the rights of the states. They felt that states should have the right to decide if they wanted to accept federal acts. It was the secret convention which resulted in the concept of nullification, wherein states had the right to deem certain federal acts unconstitutional. The federal government denied this right to states and fought vehemently against it. When this nullification did not work, states felt that they were no longer being respected and they started to move toward secession.

With the expansion of America, the purchase of the Louisiana property, and the war with Mexico, there was a big question about whether new state should be considered slave states or Free states. These large conflicts about slavery began to a wrapped violently. The growth of the abolition movement and the election of Abraham Lincoln combined with the fight between slave states and non-slave states caused the Civil War to errupt.


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