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How To Get Homework Done Fast: Time-Management Tips Worth Following

After a day at school or college, students usually come home with a lot of homework. But instead of doing it quickly and productively, they invent dozens of excuses and reasons for postponing it. If homework procrastination is a problem for you, try following these simple but effective time-management tips.

  1. Organize your work space.
  2. First of all, collect all the necessary items you might need for your homework assignment, such as books, notebooks, stationery, etc. At the same time, put aside all the things that might distract you from your work: smartphones, tablets, tabloids, etc. Make sure you have enough privacy; postpone all possible conversations or discussions. The best work space is your desk or table, but try not to study in your bedroom — working and resting areas should be separate.

  3. Compile a schedule.
  4. At this point, write out a list of all the tasks you have to do at home. Mark those that require more time and effort, and those that are fairly easy to complete. Calculate the approximate amount of time you will need to finish all the tasks, and set the time for each particular assignment. You can use an alarm clock and keep it on your desk to measure the time precisely.

  5. Motivate yourself.
  6. A good motivation will always spur you to work harder and faster. Take some breaks between tasks, have a healthy meal, etc. Think about the free time you are going to have upon completing your homework. Do not forget about the high grades received for properly done assignments.

  7. Get down to work.
  8. Analyze every task carefully. Consult different sources: books, textbooks, the Internet (but don’t get distracted by chats or social networks). Don’t study in the evening or late at night. Your thinking and other cognitive processes are slower during that part of the day. If you have too much homework, you may postpone something for the next day (as long as you don’t need it done by tomorrow). Proofread your work before putting it aside, or give it a fresh look after some time has passed.

Sometimes it is very difficult to get rid of bad habits and learn to do ordinary things in a different way. But when it comes to doing your homework, giving up your procrastinating routine and organizing your work according to these simple time-management tips is definitely something worth trying.


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