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Dealing With Overwhelming Amounts Of Homework In High Schools: Professional Advice

In recent years, students, teachers and parents have all complained about the overwhelming amount of homework that students have to do whilst studying at high school. Some of the arguments put forward suggest that the school day is long enough already, and with all the other commitments that young people have in their lives, there simply isn’t enough time to do the amount of homework that has been put forward.

Furthermore, as well as all the homework that students have to do these days, there is an argument to suggest that there are too many exams as well, and all the extra study that is required in order to pass these exams simply means that students are doing far too much work at home.

Unfortunately, for those who feel that the homework burden is too much, there is very little that can be done until either individual schools or the government changes the way in which homework policies operate. Until then, the best thing that students can do is try and find ways of dealing with the homework that they have. The following advice should help students to manage their time as effectively as possible, whilst ensuring that they are motivated to do the work.

Time planning

Whilst at school, students will be used to having set times at which they have to go to lessons. As a result, it is very easy for them to learn during the school day. However, when it comes to working at home, many students won’t have a routine or time plan in place, which can reduce productivity. As a result, it is a good idea to create a routine for when the work should be done, ideally before carrying out any other activities or hobbies. Furthermore, when writing any essays, it is a good idea to plan the work, and have a detailed timeframe of when the research and writing stages will take place.

Where to do the work

When completing any kind of work - both in an academic and professional sense - it is important to have an adequate workspace. For example, you should have a tidy desk and comfortable chair to sit in, as well as adequate lighting in the room that you will be working. This will help to ensure that you are motivated and able to concentrate. Furthermore, it is best to try and work in a quiet area, ideally free from any electronic gadgets and other distractions.


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