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Should Homework Be Banned From Schools: Pros And Cons

Ask thirty students if they think homework should be banned and chances are twenty nine of them will respond with a “Yes!” So unless you’re that annoying student who reminds the teacher to give homework to everyone, don’t worry—you’re absolutely normal. So if the majority of students got their wish and homework was banned from school, let’s speculate what would happen.

  1. Students would have more time to themselves
  2. Imagine being able to visit your friends after school without having to worry about pesky homework. That personal project you’ve been working on can get your full attention now with all the free time you have. The problem with this scenario is that it makes no provision for revising and practising what’s been taught in class. The mind is no longer prepared for the following day of learning because on a daily basis it’s being distracted by other things.

  3. Students could get used to working half day
  4. Great! 2pm and school’s out! What could be bad about that? The fact is that the real world works a lot different. 8am to 5pm is the predominant working time all over the world so getting used to this from a young age is crucial to developing work ethic and endurance.

  5. Students would be able to dedicate more time to studying
  6. With no homework, your schedule is clear for you to be able to study for your upcoming exams. But all that work you need to study is no longer fresh in your memory, because you haven’t been reminding yourself of the material. Studying now becomes a double effort because you have to dig up all that work you’ve long forgotten.

  7. Assignments would no longer count as part of the student’s final grade
  8. No need to get anxious about how well you do in assignments, because exams count for your entire grade. Hold on! That doesn’t sound right! Assignments have been the saving grace of students for decades. Exams are hard, but assignments just require short term hard work. There go all your easy grades.

  9. No more getting in trouble for doing homework incorrectly
  10. Those days of receiving red marks all over your assignment are over. But wait, how will you determine whether you understand the work or not? If there’s no homework to test your knowledge, exams could get pretty rough. Guess those red marks aren’t looking too bad anymore, are they?


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