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Help Me Find Out Whether Homework Causes Stress

What is stress? It should be a pretty easy thing to answer. But when one looks closer, one could be hard-pressed to wonder where the stress begins. In the case of homework, is it the homework itself that causes this stress?

It requires a more thorough examination past the simple yes or no answer. This is also something that everyone can relate to. The grade level also makes a difference as to the pressure that mounts up on the student. Here are presented several reasons as to whether homework causes stress.

The Slippery Slope

Twelve years of school is a long time to try and build up a student to get prepared for the real world. It’s rather easy at first and the reason for this is so that teachers can ‘candy coat’ the process to gradually slide in assignments.

Perhaps this looks like they have a diabolical agenda. But that’s exactly what schools are supposed to do, to challenge the student. And often times, the student’s are not prepared to see it for what it is. After a bit though, certain things begin to interrupt that process.

  • Family activities
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Falling behind of studies
  • Lax scheduling

When that happens, the student will find it is very easy for them to feel the pressure build up on their homework.


The slippery slope doesn’t really impact the scheduling of homework assigned. It is still there and though the instructor might be able to make some changes, usually everything remains as scheduled. It’s in this case that the student becomes frustrated with the fact that they have to complete the work, but they also have problems concentrating on the assignment itself.

This not only increases the possibility that the quality of the homework will be low but the fact that the student might turn it in late or not turn it in at all. It’s at this point that the student could fall into bad habits.

Stressed Out

The previous examples cover everything that causes homework stress, which is basically the student. Because the homework assignment will always remain in the same state. It’s just a matter of how the student approaches the assignment. So after all, it isn’t the homework that causes the stress, it’s the student who finds plenty of reasons, whether they exist or not to put it off. Once the student realizes this, they will be able to manage their stress levels easier.


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