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How To Spend Less Time On Your Homework: Useful Tips And Tricks For Students

Everyone wishes they had more free time to waste on actions such as watching t.v. and surfing the web. But I want you to think about something—would you want a doctor, an accountant, a chiropractor, a veterinarian, or a teacher who had only wanted to take the “short route” toward getting their degree? Do you want an instructor who purchased their homework instead of doing it?

Homework is not a mystery, it is simply doing the homework you have been assigned. Teachers assign this homework for a reason, you know. It is to teach you the way to find your own answers to problems so that you can move up to the next level of math. It is also to reinforce the concepts they taught you that day in class so you will not forget them.

Homework is key to learning. If you must, put the tv on while you do your homework or listen to music while you do your homework, anything that makes it more fun for you. And learning should be fun.

How to Organize Your Time Wisely to Get Your Homework Done

There are all kinds of ways to spend less time on your homework through organizing your time wisely and organizing your time so that you do not get tired to early or to “burn out” too early on in your homework time.

First, Try Doing a Little of Each

I have a method for studying for tests and doing homework that is a sure fire way to help you not suffer from burn out. Striate your homework by different subjects you spend a little time on at a time. Then, switch to another subject when you feel yourself start to get bored.

For example, let’s say you need to read for an hour from your literature text before you can answer the questions you have been assigned it, and you have 50 problems to do in calculus, and you have to study for a chemistry quiz.

Get the things out of the way first that are most important. So, what’s most important? Your chemistry quiz. So study the chapter for the quiz.

Read and take notes on all highlighted concepts and jot down anything else important as well.

Then do 25 of your calculus problems—you can do the rest in the morning before class. Then do the same with other homework.


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