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Why Less Homework In School Can Be A Better Choice For Children

Homework is the least favorite task for students during their educational career. They do not hate exams as much as they hate home assignments. Exams are less stressful because they are going to be over in a week or so, however, home assignments never end. Since the moment you enter your school until you get done with your education, you will always have home assignments to worry about. It is not that this concept of assigning home tasks should not exist at all. However, the teachers and educational institutes should revise their policies on home tasks.

In the past two decades, the amount of home assignments and the burden of homework on students are increased by 40%. Even though it is important to stay competitive in today’s world but students will exhaust if all they do after school is homework. It is important for students to have free time because that is the best time for their learning and development. The way students receive home tasks does not leave any space for creativity, personal space and imagination. They are taught to cram and repeat rather than finding new ways of doing certain things. According to research, a high school student should have at most 2 hours of studying after school in his daily routine. This is a huge contradiction to what we observe in real life. Even kids going to primary and elementary level classes have more home assignments than 2 hours.

In some states and countries, homework has become a matter of national importance because parents have started campaigns against burdening their children. They say that the kids will ultimately start hating study or become accustomed to follow if they continue doing this amount of home tasks. Some of these tasks involve research and experimentation so it takes longer than usual to complete them.

It is not my concern that my child should not have home assignments at all, I repeatedly maintain that they need to decrease the workload on kids, says a mom whose kid goes to an elementary school.

Children will learn better and have more time for their development and self-improvement if they have lesser home assignments. All teachers need to coordinate with each other and see if the assignments of all subjects are too much to handle for the kid. Rather than daily tasks, kids could submit monthly or weekly assignments for various subjects alternatively.


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