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How To Do Your Homework Faster: Advice From An Expert


Homework takes too much time. You can spend hours on it and hardly get anywhere at all. The bad news is that this only gets worse the further in school you get, especially if you go to college after high school. The good news is that you can decrease the amount of time you spend on homework starting today! A few tips at getting your homework done faster are:

  1. Pay Attention In Class
  2. Get Another Student's Contact Information
  3. Allot Your Time Wisely

Paying Attention

Are you paying attention, really? You might feel like dozing off in the middle of class, but do not do this! Think about all the time you spend not knowing the answers later on, and worse yet, looking up the answers when you do not even know where to look! By paying more attention to what the teacher is saying and taking good notes you will spend less time not knowing the answers and more time bragging to your friends about your newfound knowledge.

Get Other Student's Contact Information

Sometimes you come across those problems that seem to be hard even for Einstein to figure out. This is where you can call up that girl who sits in front of you and always aces everything for help. You do not need to spend hours on this question when you have a person on speed dial who knows how to do it.

Allot Your Time Wisely

Make sure you spend enough time on each subject so you can get everything done. Let's say you allot an hour of your time solely on science, and then the next hour is for literature. Once you have spent your hour on science, move on, and if you happen to have a little left over, that is all right. Just pick up where you left off after other homework is done. Ideally you will leave the hardest problem for later and tick off the easier questions, and hopefully when you get back to the hard problems later you will be coming from a fresh perspective.


These tips can be very helpful when you want to get your homework done quick. It is no fun to spend all of your time on homework and none on any other hobbies or socializing with friends. By starting today with these tips, you can cut your homework time by as much as half.


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