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Dealing With Homework Assignments In French

In real terms it sometimes is not easy coping with French Homework assignments. Why?

  • Not everyone has studied the French language so it’s not so easy to get help as it is for a Math homework problem.
  • Sentence construction differs from language to language.
  • Complications also arise as the French language gives objects a gender.
  • Pronunciation is something to be practised and to the untrained ear, words may be misheard or misused.

How do you get around these issues to cope with French homework assignments?

  • Join a homework club. This could be an informal group of students from your class that have got together to support each other and share expertise. Or, it could be a group that your tutor has formed. Or, it could be a group run outside of school by an educational company.
  • You could also look online for websites that offer French homework help. This could involve personal tuition from a teacher that specialises in tutoring French. This option may be the most helpful, as you may get specialised individualised support. A note of caution here is that the tutor needs to be familiar with the curriculum you are studying. You need also to take into consideration that the course you are studying is based on a 'pure' language without local accents or regional dialogue, this is the same for every language.
  • Another Don't. If you are stuck don't use the dictionary to translate each word into French and then think that it is all correct, as it won't be for many of the reasons already discussed. There are some websites (some cell phones also have this app), that will translate your work for you.
  • Another option is to invest into one of the CD/online language courses, this is especially good if you feel that you need a more varied approach to learning.
  • You could always talk to your tutor and ask for their suggestions. They may be able to recommend some extra work that could help you, or may suggest an additional class of instruction.

One controversial idea could be to help a younger or less able student (a younger brother or sister), to learn French. This would mean that you would be helping them and at the same time reinforcing your own knowledge and motivating yourself to gain more knowledge about the language. Or – visit France and immerse yourself in the Language and Culture.


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