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Online Homework Help for Kids: Useful Guidelines

With the school year underway, students need all of the help that they can get. Kids who learn how to do their homework and complete it on time will be more successful in school. For parents, a few simple tips will help make the entire process a little easier.

Make a Study Time

Children are creatures of habit. If there is a set time for studying every night, the child will learn to do it. Over time, having a set time for school work will help reduce the fidgeting, arguments and trouble that normally occurs. The exact time that parents choose depends entirely on the student. Each child will have a time of day where they are functioning their best.

Find Resources

Most parents have not attended school for years. Even for the recent college grads, remembering US history or pre-algebra can be a struggle. Rather than teach students the wrong answers, parents should locate online resources. There are online sites that are dedicated to helping students complete their school work. By using these sites, parents can check their answers and teach their child how to complete homework the write way.

Set Up A Kids' Office

Completing assignments in front of the television or on their bed is a recipe for disaster. Students need to have somewhere quiet to work. In addition to improving focus, having a set location for homework allows students to get in the habit of studying. Parents should find a quiet space in their home and put a child-sized desk in it. This desk can be equipped with crayons, paper, pens, calculators and anything that the child may need to complete their assignment.

Design a Plan

No one wants to sit for five hours and study for a test. Instead of forcing a child to do the impossible, parents can set up regular breaks. For longer study sessions, parents can set up a break every hour. During this 15-minute window, the student can get a snack, read a book or play. Parents should avoid letting them watch television because there are few shows that last for less than 15 minutes. If the show is not finished, parents will find it difficult to get their child to focus again.

Reduce Distractions

Even though the child is in a quiet space, parents should still strive to reduce any particular distractions. Cell phones, iPods and other devices should be removed. Likewise, the television and loud music should be turned off.


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