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How to Organize Your Time If There Is Too Much Homework in High School

High school students sometimes find themselves having trouble managing their time when they begin to receive more homework than they were used to in junior high. With some strategic organization and a little bit of discipline, though, any student can get their work done on time, each day. Here’s how to organize your time if you find yourself overwhelmed with too much homework:

Write Down Your Assignments Accurately

There is no way you will be able to organize yourself if you are constantly scrambling to find out what it is you need to complete each day. Write down your assignments accurately and promptly when they are handed out. Be clear in your notes and double-check with your instructor if you have any questions.

Estimate the Time It Will Take for You to Finish

Your first estimates might not be as accurate as you’d hope, but it’s still a good idea to take a guess on how long it will take you to finish each assignment. Consider hurdles or challenges you may encounter along the way. And be sure to adjust your estimates as you find out more.

Figure Out How Much Time You Have Available

Another important part in developing a good homework schedule is being aware of how much time you actually have to finish your assignments. You may do sports or you may have to spend time with your family. Whatever it is be sure you know how much time you have available to complete your work.

Make the Earliest Deadlines Your Priority

It goes without saying that something that is due tomorrow is likely more important than something that is due next week. So arrange your schedule so that you are prioritizing whatever deadlines come first. With longer projects, like term papers, be sure to spread your work over several days so that you aren’t working on the assignment the night before.

Factor In Your Break Time

It’s well-known that breaks are crucial to concentration. So be sure you add breaks (10 – 15 minutes) to your schedule. You need time to refresh your brain. Practice getting up and moving away from your work entirely. Give yourself a little reward or take a nap, just make sure you step away for a while.

Stick To Your Schedule

You’re not going to get organized if you consistently get off schedule. Be sure to stay on track and keep your schedule until it becomes a habit. It might take you a week or two, but the longer you stick to your schedule the easier it will be to complete your assignments on time and without much problem.


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