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How To Help Kids With Spelling Homework: 5 Tips For Parents

Spelling is one subject that every student has to endure when they are in elementary and middle school. The curriculum is set up to expose students to many different words to expand their vocabulary and this is one way to do it. Teachers hope that if a student knows how to spell a word, they will use it more often. There are many ways that parents can help their kids with spelling homework. I am going to give you 5 tips so you can help your children excel at spelling.

  1. Make practice out to be a game- If you take the attitude that practicing is fun, it will rub off on your child. Make a game out of studying. See how many he can get right. Then have him try to beat his score. Use your imagination to keep your child’s interest in practicing the words.
  2. Practice early in the evening- Don’t wait until bedtime when your child is tired in order to practice his words. He won’t be focused on the practice and his brain won’t absorb learning as well because of his fatigue. Do it early in the evening when you both are fresh.
  3. Put the words on the refrigerator so they are always in sight- If you always have the words around, you can ask your child at any time how to spell a few. If you do it on and off during the day, it won’t seem so cumbersome and boring to learn to spell the words.
  4. Keep a copy in the car- The car is a great place to study the words. You have a captive audience! It is also a great way to pass the time between errands.
  5. Give your child praise- The best tip for parents is to make sure you praise your child when he spells the words correctly. He needs encouragement to continue to learn. If you make him feel good about learning, he will not mind doing it. Don’t berate him if he spells a word wrong. Concentrate on what he is doing right.

Take this opportunity when you are asked to help your kids with their spelling homework to spend some quality time with them. There just isn’t many hours in the day that you can be one on one with your child so use spelling homework as a means to spend extra special time with your kids. These 5 tips will make you feel good as a parents and will help your child feel good about himself and his spelling homework.


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