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Good Homework Activities: A Quick Guide

Homework is one of the inseparable parts of school life. But most of the times, a child suffer from lack of time to finish it off properly. There are many academicians who question the validity of homework but right now, it is very much ‘in’. So instead of criticizing this system, a method needs to be incorporated in the life of every student, to help her/him out in homework.

Parents Need To Be Involved:

Good homework habit has to be inculcated inside a learner by the teacher and the parents –together. Moreover, parents have a crucial role to play in assisting their kids in completing the home task in time. The first step would be- creating a healthy environment in home.

Five Tips for Good Homework Activities

  • Setting A Time Table
  • Setting a time table is of maximum importance to develop a good study habit. There is no fixed rule of finding the best time for doing home-tasks. While some children find the evening the most soothing one, others dive into the assignments upon returning the school. So keep that in mind.

  • It Must Be The Child’s Prerogative
  • It’s very important that a student must learn to tackle the school assignments independently. There are many parents who do the tasks themselves on behalf of the child, but it will only cripple the learner further. If a school-task is required to be done by parents-kid jointly, then it’s a separate case altogether.

  • Reading Habit Is A Must
  • For the sake of the child, reading habit should be cultivated- whether the adults of the family loves it or not. Even reading out loud before bed-time can be a fun family activity, during every night. If a student develops a healthy reading habit from a tender age, it will go a long way to instill comprehending and writing skills inside the learner.

  • Establishing A good Study Place
  • Finding that quiet and nurturing zone is mandatory in order to do the school assignments. It’s a responsibility of parents to develop such a corner in the home. If it’s not possible, the student may do it in school library or study hall during two periods, for doing it.

  • Communicating With The Teacher
  • Not only between the student and the teacher, but also a clear communication must be established between the parent and the teacher also. Many children suffer from learning difficulty. In that case, all the three parties must be in the loop. Especially, the parents must communicate with the teacher from time to time about the child’s advancement.


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