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5 Things To Remember About Free Live Homework Help

In the race to get ahead, scholars and students increasingly get support outside of school. This has become especially true as traditional tutoring has moved to the Internet in the form of free, live homework help. Being able to ask questions and get help with specific problems can be a great way to learn. But there’s no such thing as free, especially when study time is limited and must be spread over bigger and bigger workloads. So it pays to bear these five tips in mind when looking at free, live homework help.

Your study buddy is not your buddy

Kids have been studying together for hundreds of years. Studying can be lonely, and having a friend by your side can make it much easier to beat the boredom. That’s fine, but your Internet tutor is there to help you with your homework, not chat about the latest gossip.

They’re there to get you going under your own steam

We all get stuck sometimes when learning, and a knowing teacher can help us understand in just the right way to get moving again. But at the end of the day you still have to knuckle down and master the work yourself. Your Internet tutor can guide you, but they can never take the place of some gold, old-fashioned graft.

Go in with questions

A new topic can be overwhelming when you know nothing. Even a little knowledge does help, and is a much better starting point to get help rather than just saying “I don’t know”. Even silly questions will help your tutor guide you to new understandings, and you’ll quickly forget how confused you were in the beginning.

And leave with questions

Nobody is perfect, and that includes teachers. You will gain a far better education if you learn not only from your mistakes, but from the mistakes of your teachers. So pay attention when you get your homework back to where even your live tutor got it wrong, and never stop asking the deeper questions.

Say thank-you by returning the favour

Many homework helpers are volunteers that want to see everyone get a better education. So always end a session by saying thank-you to them. And if you really want to show them you mean it, you can always volunteer to help someone else out with their homework. After all, one of the very best ways of learning something is to teach it to someone else!


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