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5 Entertaining Homework Games For Elementary School Students

Due to their young age, elementary school students will often respond better to any homework requirements if some kind of game is included as part of the work. Ultimately, younger students are likely to enjoy the work more, and will potentially learn and remember things better. Five suggestions for games have been outlined below.

  1. Learning with music
  2. It can be useful to try and incorporate music into the learning activities. Either students could write songs about the subject that they are studying, or it is possible to find musical pieces that are aimed at helping children to learn.

  3. Buying a foreign board game to learn a different language
  4. If trying to learn a foreign language then it can be a good idea to buy a foreign version of a popular board game, so that children can learn the words and phrases whilst playing the game. If choosing this approach, it can be a good idea to pick a relatively simple game that is meant for young children, so that it is not too difficult.

  5. Working in a group and choosing random topics to make a speech about
  6. It order to learn more about a subject, it can be fun to work in groups, and have each individual make a short speech about a certain topic related to the subject. The other people in the group can then ask questions afterwards and award marks out of 10, with the person who gets the highest score awarded as the winner. It can even be worth including some sort of prize for the winner, to make sure children try their best.

  7. Memory games (each take it in turns to add a new word
  8. There are plenty of memory games that children can play to get them to think and learn about different topics. For example, a group of children can take it in terms to think of a relevant word or short phrase about a topic, which the next person has to recite, before adding their own word or phrase. Each person has to then remember all of the words and phrases that everyone has said. The winner is the person who remembers the longest chain of words and phrases.

  9. Playing Pictionary based on terms from the subject that you are studying
  10. Finally, it is possible to play a game like Pictionary, with the words or phrases that the children have to draw being related to the subject that they are studying.


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