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The Debate On Disadvantages Of Homework: Points To Consider

Many people think that homework is intended as a punishment. They believe that it is something negative and something which is only truly designed to hurt them. But this is not true. Homework is designed to help solidify the information that you learned in the classroom setting or through your textbooks. The best way to learn is to review information regularly. In order to review information regularly you need to practice. Practice comes to you in the form of tasks. Homework is something that every student has to endure, and can bring with it a great deal of benefits if you let it. But not everyone agrees with this point of view and if you are tasked with writing a paper which taking the other side or you just want to know what the points are, follow the information below:

  • Of course many students and parents alike disagree and believe that tasks should be done away with as it serves as an inaccurate form of progress for children. People who believe that there are disadvantages to tasks are under the impression that tasks causes unnecessary stress for students. It is believed that students who struggle with tasks might do so out of overall stress that they are unable to meet the demands of their teacher or their families.
  • Other people who believe that work brings with it a disadvantage are under the impression that students are far too busy for work. It is believed that homework should be done away with because students spend a large portion of their time in school during which time they should learn all of the information they need, leaving them with no need to practice that information when they are home. This belief is that students should get all of the education they need in the classroom and anytime they have outside of the classroom should be dedicated to other activities they require in order to succeed in life such as extracurricular participation in sports or leadership activities.
  • People who believe that work brings with a disadvantage also believe that certain students with learning disabilities may not be able to do well with work because of their disability which means that they will start to struggle at a young age and that struggle will make it very difficult for them to Overview school work or learning positively, something which can affect them for the rest of their lives.

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