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How to Find Motivation to do Homework Easily

Homework is one of the least liked activities of school. No matter what grade, or College, and University, no one likes doing it. Motivating one’s self, is extremely hard sometimes, even for the most disciplined of students. And those lacking good discipline, can find it even harder. How to find motivation to do homework easily, is what will be focused in here.

  1. Learning Early
  2. Develop a time Schedule
  3. Reward Yourself
  4. Goals
  5. Breaks

Learning Early

It is well known that children that learn good discipline and study habits early, will have better motivation when they get older. Learning these habits, and developing discipline skills when young, make motivating one’s self a lot easier when the student gets older. Children that do not develop these skills and habits find them much harder when they get older.

Develop a Time Schedule

Setting a schedule makes things a lot easier to do. Especially if there is something the student wants to do during the week, they can alter their schedule to include that. By doing this, they may have to work longer a day or two, but they can do so, without over exerting themselves. Leave yourself between one half to one hour to rest after school, then start. Giving enough time to do each assignment, then a small break before the next. Schedule in meals, and rest time, so there is enough time to get a good sleep before morning.

Reward Yourself

Plan for activities you can do on the weekends, if you get an amount of work done during the week. If you get all the assigned homework done by Friday night, and only have week-end work to do, which should be little. Then take some sort of break from school and everything, and reward yourself. Yes, there will be weeks this will not work, but the more it does, the better you feel, and the more motivated you are.


Goals work with the awards, and as such, help generate more motivation. Setting daily and weekly goals, help develop discipline skills at any age. Accomplishing these goals and rewarding yourself helps to develop motivation. So never set high goals, but reasonable goals, and once you reach them easily, increase them.


Always take breaks, as this helps keep the mind clear and rested. If you work too long, the mind tires quickly, and motivation fails. So take plenty of breaks, and make them short, five to fifteen minutes, depending on how tired you are. Later in the evening, especially when there is a lot of homework, take the ten to fifteen minute breaks, or even once in a while go out for a cup of coffee, or something to clear your mind.


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