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Homework Tips For First Graders: How Not To Miss Your Deadlines

Doing homework assignments every day and on time is a challenging endeavor for a little first grader. The switch from kindergarten to grade school is rather drastic. Not every child likes devoting more time to studies and less time to playing. If parents want their children to do well in school and manage all tasks on time, they should teach their children to be self-disciplined and organized. Here is a list of tips for both first graders and their parents. Use it to complete your assignments easily and not to miss the deadlines.

  • Do homework in small portions.
  • It is difficult for a 6 year-old kid to concentrate on something for a long time, especially after he or she has spent the first half of the day studying at school. Let the child do one small part at a time. Make breaks between activities. If homework is assigned weekly rather than daily, divide it up and decide which part will be completed on each day.

  • Decide on homework time.
  • Keep doing your tasks at the same time every day. It will teach a first grader to be disciplined. Choose time depending on the needs of the child. Some kids complete their assignments easier and more quickly immediately after school. Some others, however, need to have a rest after lessons. Whatever the situation is, don’t put off doing tasks until late hours. It will be difficult for a child to concentrate at that time.

  • Do homework together.
  • It is irresponsible to leave a first grader alone with an assignment. He or she won’t manage to complete it well and on time. Try to remain calm and positive, even if the process of struggling with the task makes both of you nervous. Focus on achievements, and try not to take mistakes hard. If everything goes smoothly and everyone is in a good mood, your child will be willing to do the homework, and neither of you will ever have problems with meeting deadlines.

  • Don’t forget about incentives.
  • High marks are often not effective motivators for first graders. If you want to have everything done in a due and timely manner, offer some incentives for a job well done. These shouldn’t be some expensive or bulky promise; just remind your child about the playtime or fun activities he or she may have after everything is ready.

If you apply these tips daily, doing homework with your first grader won’t turn into another headache. Let it be a unique opportunity to spend time with your kid usefully and with joy.


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