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A List Of Excellent Homework Ideas On Social Studies

Nowadays social studies constitute an integral part of student’s curriculum. Some people believe that social sciences provide children with mere facts, geographic, historic, or economic ones. Others think that there is something more behind this. Social studies are aimed at upbringing active citizens, deep thinkers, excellent researchers, good computer users, and brilliant artists. Children find out the differences between people and commonalities that unite them.

Social studies comprise different disciplines: anthropology, history, economics, geography, philosophy, arts, political science, sociology, psychology, and religion. Thus, you can choose any discipline that you are interested when time comes to select a topic for the academic work.

Consider, as well, some interesting research ideas related to social studies in the list below.

History Topics

  1. Peculiarities of the Civil War culture.
  2. Active participation of African Americans in Reconstruction.
  3. Birth of American Independence.
  4. Inventions that changed our everyday lives.
  5. Space exploration and its impact on human beings.
  6. Lessons that history teaches us.
  7. Women that influenced the history.
  8. Women fight for their rights, historical perspective.

Philosophy Topics

  1. Medieval thinkers.
  2. Can a person be identified with what he or she thinks?
  3. Is there any difference between conscience, intuition, and “inner voice”?
  4. The good and bad that happen to us is the result of our own actions.
  5. Most people are children.
  6. Do people create their own destiny?
  7. Why do children lie to their parents?
  8. Facebook and other internet communities, how do they influence our lives?
  9. You are what you wear, is it really so?
  10. If I had the possibility to change my body, I would …
  11. Why do students procrastinate?

Sociology Topics

  1. How does technology influence kids’ health?
  2. School performance depends on relationships between family members?
  3. Does movie violence influence kids’ perception of the world?
  4. Why do people make friends?
  5. Family traditions you would like to preserve?
  6. Are we all the same?
  7. Superstitions and their influence on our lives.
  8. Computer games and their impact on family well-being.

Political Science Topics

  1. Do you trust the local politicians?
  2. Men and women, are they equal on the political stage?
  3. Do all politicians lie?
  4. What makes a good politician?
  5. Women are better politicians than men.

Economics Topics

  1. Business innovations that changed the world for better.
  2. Do men and women have salary differences today?
  3. Could people in a village survive on garden foods only?
  4. Do people trust banks?

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